Youth Calf Donation Program


The TLBGCA conducts a Youth Calf Donation program in conjunction with its annual Spring Show. In this program, Texas Longhorn breeders generously donate calves to be given away to kids that participate in the TLBGCA Spring Show. All kids that are present at the show are eligible for the program. The kids are selected to win the calves by random drawing.

Would you generously donate a heifer or steer calf to be given away to one of the youth exhibitors?

In case you aren’t familiar with the program, here are a few more details.

  • Donated calves are awarded via a random drawing to kids participating in the TLBGCA show.
  • The kids who win the calves must agree to the program rules. The kids and the parents sign a form stating that they are aware of the rules and will abide by them.
  • The kids raise and halter-break the calves throughout the year.
  • The kids must show the calf twice during the year, with one of those shows being next years TLBGCA Youth Show.
  • The kids must send a letter to the donor every other month for the next year. The letter can contain anything of interest about the calf and the kid.
  • The kids must keep a log of expenses incurred while raising the calf. (This requirement is intended to teach the kids about the economics of raising a calf, to show them that even “free” calves aren’t free and to give them an appreciation of how much their parents are spending for them to raise a calf.)
  • The registration of the calf will remain with the TLBGCA until the kid completes the requirements of the program, culminating with entry in next years TLBGCA Youth show. At that time the registration is transferred to the child.

The benefits to the youth are many.
We have seen many kids get their start in the longhorn business as a result of winning a calf. Some of these kids have become officers of the TLBT, many have gone on to major in agriculture-related fields in college, some have become agriculture school teachers and some are studying to become veterinarians.

The benefits to the donors can be just as rewarding.
As a donor you get to become involved in the life of a young person, possibly affecting the direction of their future.

We are looking for calves that are of weaning age at the time of the show (April). Calves born July through October last year will be old enough to wean yet still young enough to be halter-broke. For the show circuit, these don’t need to be your longest-horned prospects. Moderate horn potential is fine. The preferred traits are sound structure, easy fleshing ability (weight gain) and gentle disposition.

Can we count on you to donate a calf for a kid?

If so, or for more information contact our Calf Donation Coordinator:

Kathy Lewis