Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of every month via teleconference. Members are invited to participate. Login information can be obtained from any of the directors listed below. For those who cannot participate but wish to stay informed, the minutes of each meeting are posted here.

2021-2022 Officers

President - Stephen Head
Vice President - Kathy Lewis
Treasurer - Jennifer Francis
Secretary - Leigh Salsbury

Board of Directors

Terms Expiring June 30, 2022
Darlene Aldridge
Kim Head
Luis Medina
Kathy Palladini

Terms Expiring June 30, 2023
Remy Broussard
Felicia Jones
Steve McCauley
LaVon Merritt

Terms Expiring June 30, 2024
Lisa Butterfield
Samuel Faske
Rick Friedrich
Cody Himmelreich