NASA Longhorn Project

The NASA Longhorn Project is a collaboration between TLBAA, TLBGCA, JSC/NASA, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and Clear Creek ISD. There are currently 11 students in the program.

The following lists the Breeders who have donated calves for the 2013-2014 school year. Diamond G Longhorns - 2 calves donated (Gwen Domato), Lightning Longhorns (Kris Peterek), Legacy sSs Ranch (Dr. Lou Shields), River Ranch (Rick and Tracey Friedrich), Brazos Rose Ranch (Ronnie Mullinax), Flying D Ranch (Dorie Damuth), IM Rockin I, LLC (Nancy Ince), Diette Barnett, Dr. Merriman, Glenn Clinard. Thank you so much for supporting this program!!!!!

The following lists the Breeders who donated calves for the 2012-2013 school year. There were 16 students in the program. Diamond G Longhorns (Gwen Domato),  Diamond D Ranch (Dawn and Darin Davinia), Broken Arrow Ranch (Lloyd "Speedy" LaFond), W Squared Ranch (Wendy Williams), Legacy sSs Ranch (Dr. Lou Shields), River Ranch (Rick and Tracey Friedrich), Rice Creek Farm (Pam Thonsgard), Brazos Rose Ranch (Ronnie Mullinax), Flying D Ranch (Dorie Damuth), Swing'n Star Ranch (Taylor Morgan).  Breeders must be current members of TLBAA and TLBGCA. We want to give a huge THANKS to all those breeders who have supported this program!!!

Breeder responsibilities: provide the animal, and finance the costs of the longhorns:  feed, hay, entry fees, hoof trimming, and vet costs.  Expenses for each breeder are pro-rated for feed, show vitamins, additives, etc.

Student responsibilities
following the feeding schedule, making daily observations of longhorns for health and nutrition, feeding, cleaning, watering, grooming, daily exercising.

Show schedule: for this school year is Ark-La-Tex (Oct), STLA Winterfest (Dec), CCISD Livestock Show (Jan), San Antonio Stock Show (Feb), Houston Livestock Show (Mar), TLBGCA Spring Show (Apr), TLBAA World Show (June), Autobahn Show (Aug).  Next year's schedule may be different, but not significantly.  A lot depends on the school district's budget and funding for the kids' travel.

Project Manager is:
Andrea and Henry Wilson

Brief Background:

The NASA Longhorn project was established in 1996 as a joint venture between the five groups mentioned above with the goal of providing educational experiences in agriculture for CCISD and surrounding school districts.

More than just raising longhorns and training them for show, the project provides an opportunity for students to learn about many aspects of agriculture:  cattle care and breeding, aquaculture, fruit and vegetable cultivation (the garden is immense). Currently there is a vegetable garden and two aquaculture ponds.  Volunteers who are Master Naturalists oversee this aspect of the project and a new facet is allowing other volunteers to have their own "bed" for planting and harvesting.

Animals are loaned to students by members of TLBAA/TLBGCA to train, groom, raise, care for, and show. At the end of the show schedule, animals are returned to their owners or in some cases remain to be included in next year's program.  There are currently six trophy steers and three female longhorns that permanently reside at NASA and are available for NASA visitors to see up close on the Tram Tour.

The project-proper consists of a 60-acre tract at Johnson Space Center.  There are portable buildings that are used for offices, work areas for students and visitors.  There is a barn, small storage building, and shade areas for the longhorns.

Elementary and Intermediate students are provided the opportunity to visit the facilities as part of their genetic science lessons and some of the gardening components. Over 4,000 students from CCISD visit the Longhorn Project each year.