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Lazy A Ranch is the home of Totem Pole



We would appreciate you taking the time to visit our web site and see all the great Longhorns we have bred and acquired. Our breeding program is focused on Owen McGill and Doug Hunt breeding. We breed our animals close to keep the genetic traits that have build these two great programs. We will occasionally use an out cross bull to introduce a particular genetic trait we are looking for, and to see how certain out crosses will work with our blood lines.

Our acquisition of Totem Pole from Owen in 2009 has brought our program to a new level. By using Totem Pole along with Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transplant, and IVF we believe our program taken on a whole new life. We are currently using semen from Respect Me, RHF Sharp Shooter, and Hunts Command Respect to move our program up the ladder. We have also purchased some older females that have a history of producing great offspring. We feel these proven producers will also help advance our program.

Our goal is to develop our herd to produce bulls that we will use in our own program, and have cattle that will people will want to build their programs around.





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