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Grand Champion Heifer - Minnie Pearl LP
Christi & John Randolph/Lonesome Pines Ranch (owners);
Kathy Palladini/Double K Longhorns (sponsor);
Christopher Dommert, Braxton Sterling, Andrea & Henry
Wilson of The Longhorn Project at JSC

Grand Champion Bull - Game Day BCB
Brent & Cindy Bolen of Bolen Longhorns and TLBGCA President Stephen Head;
Lynn & Josie Struthoff of Struthoff Ranch (sponsors) not pictured. 


Class 2
Sheri Skarpa of Lonesome Pines Ranch with TLBGCA President
Stephen Head

Classes 3 & 5
Brent & Cindy Bolen with TLBGCA President Stephen Head

Class 4
Jimmy Jones of Horseshoe J Longhorns with TLBGCA President
Stephen Head

Class 8
Cindy Bolen with sponsors Ken Harding, Tammy Tiner, and Laura Harding

Class 11
Brett & Teresa Krause of Circle K Longhorns with sponsor John Randolph of
Lonesome Pines Ranch

 Class 16
Ashley Cook & TLBGCA President Stephen Head